What makes us different?

  • Innovation Seekers.

    Our passion to continue learning and track trends allows us to leap to the forefront of the ever-changing healthcare industry.

  • Commitment to Quality.

    Our best practices ensure that we bring quality and consistency to every healthcare organization we work with.

  • Responsive Approach.

    Our team is focused on helping you identify quality leaders who are a good cultural fit for your team - quickly and efficiently.

Interim Hospital
Management Solutions

Healthcare is an everchanging world and organizations are likely to run into a workforce problem at some point - if not already. Whether you’re a hospital that has suffered from unfortunate management turnover or your hospital is facing a challenge that your current leadership is not equipped to handle, our team can help. We work with you to conquer your problems. Our network of high-caliber professionals each have years of clinical/hospital-setting experience and can offer you a fresh perspective on your current situation.

Request Interim Talent

From managerial level to the C-level, we can help you fill your vacant leadership positions. Our staff has decades of experience and are solely focused on servicing healthcare organizations. This focus allows us to easily identify the top candidates that will fit your culture, environment, requirements and unique challenges. We quickly assess your needs, identify the top candidates from our network and deliver to you, the very best talent.

Request Perm Leadership

Permanent Healthcare Leadership Solutions

Our Process

We strive to understand your business thoroughly, so we can identify healthcare leaders who will be compatible with your culture and professional requirements. Our process doesn't stop when the candidate begins work - it's just the beginning. We continually check in with our clients to ensure the placement continues to be mutually beneficial and that quality relationships are being made.

  1. 1. Understanding Your Requirements

    We are committed to understanding your unique business and hiring goals. Together we will work to develop a job description that will allow us to provide candidates who have the specialized skills you need to succeed at meeting the position goals.

  2. 2. Identifying the Right Candidate

    Our nationwide industry partnerships, strong local networks, and propriety candidate database allow us to identify the right candidates for your organization.

  3. 3. Presenting Quality Leaders

    When we work together, we do the heavy lifting. Before a candidate is presented to you they have undergone at least one round of interviews and we have completed reference checks. If we show you a candidate, not only do they have the right skill set, but we believe they are truly compatible with your workplace culture. Dependent upon your feedback, we conduct additional reference and background checks and move into the final stage.

  4. 4. Reference Checks & Verification

    To deepen our understanding of each candidate’s skill sets and professional characteristics, we conduct a minimum of two professional references, confirming employment experience and scope of responsibilities. We also verify employment spanning seven years and any listed educational degrees. Our candidates are required to pass a local/state/national criminal background check and at your request a drug screen.

  5. 5. Negotiations & Offers

    We will work with you to develop an offer letter, negotiate mutually beneficial employment terms, and plan for a start date and any transition activities.

  6. 6. Follow-up

    Throughout the next several months we do check-ins with your healthcare organization to ensure that the placement continues be mutually beneficial and that quality relationships are being made.