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The luxury of never settling.
Anyone that’s ever extended an offer of employment has settled for less than a perfect fit.  It’s not because that perfect candidate doesn’t exist, but the cost of developing a large pool of highly qualified candidates to choose from is usually cost and time prohibitive.  If you had access to everyone who was qualified for and potentially interested in your offer, you could afford to be more selective.

The source for physicians and nurses you want to hire.
That’s the Madison Miles advantage:  Easy, cost effective access to the largest pool of active and passive candidates available.   We’re in touch with thousands of qualified nurses nationally, everyday.  By tapping directly into our source, you avoid the most costly and time consuming portion of recruiting activities and enjoy the luxury of being selective because you have access to a large group of candidates that you really want to hire.  You’ll never be forced to settle for second best again. 

Access to the source.  It’s as simple as that.
Madison Miles monitors and tracks the ever growing and changing nurse candidate universe everyday and communicates with these people on an ongoing basis.  Why try and reinvent the wheel?  Madison Miles gives you access to the tools more simply and less expensively.

The source.
Madison Miles provides you access to both passive and active candidates.  By conducting intensive advertising and recruiting methods, we attract a large pool of active job seekers.  Through our investment and verification of third party data, we keep track of the passive universe of candidates then keep in touch with those potential candidates with regular personal communication and networking.  There’s not a more exhaustive resource in the market. 

Maximize your recruiting efforts.
With sourcing from Madison Miles you save time and money that you’d otherwise expend just starting the hiring process.  You also save by going directly to the source for the best candidates and avoid the unnecessary expenses that retained search firms charge for the services like interviewing and “selling” your facility and culture – services that you’re better positioned for and would end up doing anyway.  And to help you get the most from your efforts, Madison Miles offers additional “plug and play” services that continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

Only the services you need.
Once you’ve gained access to the source of candidates that you really want to hire, your options are wide open.  If you’d like to take it from there, you are free to do so and hire as many of one specialty as you like for no additional charge or rollover your fee to future searches.  Or you can choose from a number of plug-in marketing services to extend the efficiency of your efforts.  Madison Miles makes it easy for you.

Benefit from our investment.
There’s no reason to spend any of your time sourcing candidates when you can take advantage of our heavy investment of time and resources building the industry’s biggest, most accurate and dynamic pool of passive and active candidates.  Use only what you need, when you need it.

Get access to the source today.
Get in touch with Madison Miles and get in touch with candidates that you want to hire.  For more information contact us at 800.530.8113 or fill out our contact form.

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